Hip Hop was always something designed to be felt; the intensity of the beat merging with the distinct lyricism coursing through your veins like a euphoria explosion. It’s emotional. Yet somehow the openness and transparency of the genre slipped away, leaving a vast emptiness. Booming with an intense charisma and a unique sound of his own, Midwest emcee NandoSTL is reinvigorating the soul within Hip Hop with a testimonial based flow sure to transform.

Born in Wichita, KA, NandoSTL moved to St. Louis with his father at a young age. From then on he was raised by his grandmother, a God-fearing woman who believed in prayer and stayed active in the church. His first job was playing the drums during Sunday services and he slowly began to develop an appreciation for the fervency of music. His grandfather was a member of many social clubs and Nando tagged along on many occasions, further developing his love for music as he grooved out to the tunes ringing from the jukebox.

After high school, Nando went to live with his mother in North Carolina where he enrolled in Fayetteville State University and studied Mathematics. While there he met a charming, southern girl who introduced him to a different way of life and, after graduating, they moved back to St. Louis and started a family. But music always remained deep in Nando’s heart and it was only a matter of time before it would break loose.


In 2018, NandoSTL released his debut EP Good Vibes, a five track compilation introducing his soulful, refreshing style to the world. It included standout records like I Don’t Even Smoke and All Night Long, which caught fire on social media and began spreading throughout the Midwest.


His follow up singles, Cool Lil Sunday and Outside, continued to build momentum for his brand; acknowledging the soul and gospel influences felt in his songs and reinforcing to his growing fan base that his music was both real and reliable.

Passionate and heartfelt, the strategic plan of the NandoSTL brand is to release a steady stream of listener-driven content, including singles, visuals and online content, to build and retain engagement across all reachable platforms. By creating a tangible image that his target audience can trust, NandoSTL is poised to usher in an evolved era of creativity in Hip Hop.

Genuine and beaming with integrity, NandoSTL is the definition of an overcomer; having stared adversity in the face and proceeded gracefully. Rich in joy and and zealous fervor, NandoSTL’s music is the heartbeat this culture has been missing and a constant reminder to listeners that

the light shining on the other end of the tunnel Is emitting from within themselves.